Breaking Ground!

A particularly slow few months at work has led me to a LOT (like booksworth) of blog reading and has inspired me to start my own. At what point is it presumptuous to link to blogs you love in your own blog? To me that feels kind of “HEY LOOK AT ME” so maybe I’ll save that for later. At least until I feel confident in my ability to keep this thing up.

To be fair, this isn’t my first foray in to blogging. In middle and high school all the cool kids blogged – we just called it “online journaling”. However, while most of the actual cool kids had Livejournals I tried to be “different” and have a Deadjournal. I wrote in it somewhat regularly for a few years and let me just say… embarrassing. Young me had a lot of weird things to say. I thought about linking it to friends – old friends to relive memories and new friends to show them some past – but really those posts should continue collecting the e-dust that they have been for the past few years.

I think I’ll use this blog as a catchall: reality TV recaps (this is sad to put in to writing), craft tutorials, decorating (more on this in a few), and eventually family things!

As for decorating – a lot of the blogs that I’ve been paid to read recently are home improvement blogs and I can’t describe to you the itch that I’ve felt to DECORATE and build and paint and “upcycle” (see now that I’ve used that word in a sentence this is officially a blog). Here’s the problem: we don’t own a home or anything remotely close. We live in a dorm. Sorry, RESIDENCE HALL. (Apparently dorm has a negative connotation which residence hall does not carry. News to me, hubs). My husband has a job in Housing/Residence Life at a university in North Carolina and part of the job is to live in and run a “residence hall”. This is ultimately a perk: free housing, free utilities, people to fix any problem that arises. I try to remind myself of these perks when I am drooling over a picture of a bedroom with enough room for the bed to be placed in the middle and not against a wall. When I see actual dining rooms. When I see gardens. Some day all of those beautiful things will be mine but for now we are saving hienyloads of money. And by saving I mean paying off student loans. Same thing, right?

So this will detail the peaks and pits (Keeping Up with the Kardashians, anyone?) of our life in tight spaces and how we (I) get creative in decorating around our small apartment! Anyone else have experience decorating/living in a small space? What about spaces that you aren’t allowed to make any major changes to like painting or rebuilding? I’d love to hear suggestions!


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