A Little Background

Despite not currently having the freedom to do many large scale DIY projects, I come from a major DIY family. My parents love to do things themselves both for the money saving that usually comes with it as well as the challenge. My dad built a lot of the furniture in our house; they have redone floors and bathrooms; my mom has painted, redone vanities, installed flooring. The list goes on. I’d have to ask them what they think the biggest project has been but in my mind it’s the brick driveway that we put in to their house. This involved leveling, laying sand and gravel bases, cutting bricks for corners and curves, laying 1 trillion bricks, and putting layers of sand down to fill the cracks. It was a many day process but dang if that thing doesn’t look awesome! All that to say that I feel like some day, when Hubs and are looking for a house, we will not shy away from a little bit of fixer-upper needs.

My mom and dad also always encouraged me to have a hand in decorating my bedrooms. My first bedroom in North Carolina was blue with clouds that my mom painted on. I think this is a good analogy for the rest of my life – one because it showed that she wanted me to be creative in my room and two because clouds represent high aspirations and “reaching for the sky”. To infinity and beyond and all that jazz. When we moved to Oklahoma I had neutral walls with a Little Mermaid border. For some reason I outgrew that (what was I thinking??) and wanted a blue room. The only rule was that it couldn’t be “Carolina Blue”. Ha. My mom stenciled on a kitty border (I don’t know if this was a suggestion from my mom or a request from me). I think the room stayed like that until we moved again.

My brother’s room in OK was also AWESOME. On one wall it was day – grass and sun and I think an airplane. I kind of forget about that side because the opposite wall was all I ever looked at. It was a mural of night and SPACE! My mom painted the solar system and a bunch of stars. You should know that Pluto was most definitely on there. Old skool planets, what what! It was really fabulous and talented and probably more than I could ever do except maybe if I used a projector which I bet she didn’t. Whew run on sentence.

In New Jersey it took a little bit longer for us to get around to my room. My mom started work again there and we also had some more pressing house issues like getting rid of the rose pink and forest green carpets. Cuuuute. I will say that whoever decorated my room had some what of a forward thinking way about him/her – there was an accent wall! However, the accent wall was created by using a slightly different light-blue-with-sparkly-roses wallpaper pattern than was on the other three walls. And it was all tied together with a border of… you guessed it… roses.

I think it took us about a year to re-do that room. Fun fact: I really like stripping wallpaper. Is that weird? I just like menial tasks that I can do without thinking about them. I also enjoy data entry, shredding paper (when it doesn’t get jammed), and detagging clothing. Someone’s gotta do it, right? Anywho – I chose a purpley color for my new room. Originally we were going to do an accent wall of purple and white stripes like below

Source: http://www.ghoofie.com/16-captivating-interior-picture-by-favaro/minimalist-bedroom-with-platform-bed-and-black-white-striped-wall/

That’s not the actual inspiration source. This was circa 1999 so it probably wasn’t even from the interweb. The color was more like this one

Source: http://www.miauu.com/cool-bedroom-design-for-kids/purple-kids-bedroom-with-functional-furniture-and-wall-striped/

Oh wait. I guess I should have looked more closely at that 2nd picture because the wall on the right is what we had in mind. We never got around to doing it because I got tired of not having an assembled bedroom and my mom got tired of painting. I also “decorated” by cutting things out of magazines and taping them to the door. Typically they were things I found funny or cute and sometimes an attractive male (what ever happened to Josh Hartnett, anyway?) but I also had a penchant for ironic/morbid TRUTH ads. Remember, those antismoking ads? Oh here’s one that I just found!

Source: http://www.cincinnati.com/nie/archive/03-04-03/

The Internet is a magical land. The room stayed purple until a few years ago when they made that room a guestroom and I got relegated to the strangely shaped side-room-under-the-eaves. Joke’s on them because I got married and now stay in the guest room anyway because I have a hubby to share a bed with!

Next up: Rooms from college to present.

What kind of wallpaper and decorating “situations” have you inherited? Do you know what I mean when I say rose pink carpet? I’m sad to say that ours was NOT the first nor the last house we saw that in.

P.S. – I do have pictures of most of these rooms but they’re in hard copy form at my parents’ house. I realize one of the major rules of blogging is PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES so I do plan on doing that some day!


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