Former Tight and Notsotight Living Spaces

AW MAN I just thought of the best blog name!! Itty Bitty Living Space (name that movie!)

Okay whew, it’s already taken so I feel less upset about not thinking of that 3 posts and 1 registration ago.

So once I moved to college the personalization opportunities went way down. Both because my RAs might have had something to say about me painting the walls and because it’s really hard to decorate cement walls. My freshman dorm room was approximately 4’x4′. I could turn the light off from ANYWHERE in the room, I just sometimes had to have a pencil or something in my hand. Here it is:


  • Having a single
  • A cool leafy view out the window. One time my friend Caroline and I spent 30 minutes watching a hawk eat a squirrel on one of the branches right outside of that window


  • Having a single meant paying more money even though I didn’t ASK for a single
  • Having zero space

With such little wall space there really wasn’t much need for decorating. I taped some pictures on the wall and had some frames out and I think I had my Rosie the Riveter poster up but otherwise that was the extent of it.

For some reason I have few to no pictures of my sophomore year room. I shared it with Caroline of the above mentioned nature show and had a blast. Namely because her loft was a little too tall and she hit her head on the ceiling a lot. Also she is like a ninja and had very acrobatic moves to get down from said loft. That was a fun year. Imagine a pretty standard dorm room except my dad built my loft (DIY evidence!) and it was a big white beast that I feel bad about because it only got used for that year. Actually I think we have since destroyed it. Thanks for holding me up for a year, loft!

Junior year (I gotta have some pictures around here somewhere!) was back in a single but this time it was a) by choice b) bigger and c) a rectangle and not a confusing triangle/polygon shape. I only lived in it for a semester because the next semester I lived in SPAIN!

In Spain I lived with a woman and 2 other girls from the US in the heart of Spain – a 5 minute walk from mile 0 in Sol. I “decorated” using pictures, momentos, postcards, and inappropriate letters that my friends from college and home mailed me while I was there. Our host mother also changed the duvet covers fairly regularly so I count that as decorating. My time there was amazing but would take at least 10 other posts to sum up so that’s for another day.

My room in Spain:

Time for a break. Up next: returning from Spain and my first living experience off campus!

Did you study abroad anywhere? If so, did you stay with a host family or in an apartment? How did you guys decorate dorm rooms?


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