I’ll get back to summarizing past and present living spaces tomorrow but just wanted to recap on our awesome weekend. Lots of booze and not enough sleep or water. Clearly we were at the beach!

My husband and I have been living it up – all but 4 days of the past 2 weeks have been spent out in the sun! First we went to Delaware with his family to attend his cousin’s bat mitzvah. Family time, crabs, booze. Wonderful! I also kind of want to be Jewish now. The ceremony was beautiful, relaxed, and full of tradition. I loved how involved the family was and really understood the “stereotype” of Jewish mothers really wanting their children to marry other members of the Jewish faith.

From there we drove down to meet my family at the Carolina coast. 18 people in a house will absolutely keep you on your toes. In general this is not a small house but 4 bedrooms for 18 people surely FEELS like a tight squeeze! I’m the oldest of 11 grandchild and the youngest is 1 and a half. Meaning that when we have kids (hopefully in 2014!) she will be only a few years older than them.

So a week a the beach and we came back on a Saturday to go to the wedding of some of our tailgating friends. It was an amazing wedding full of so much love, laughter, annnd drinks. And dancing. So much dancing. My calves were sore for a good 3 days after that. The day after the wedding we went to the lake for a gilfriend’s birthday. More sun! And boating and food and sun. A few days of work annnd back to the lake for the 4th! Other than a near-boat-sinking we had a great time. Two days of work after the 4th and after work on Friday we headed to the NC coast again to stay with our friends and their parents at their beach condo. There really is not much better than sitting on the beach all day with a book and some booze and returning for a delicious meal of trigger, grouper, tuna, shrimp, garlic bread, potato salad, and CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE. My gut is extremely unhappy. Back to the 5k training I go!

Any other beach trips recently? Does anyone else have family get togethers with TONS of people or maybe tons of kids (or maybe it just feels like tons of people) in one house?


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