The Mattress Saga

Another question… when is the right time to add a blogroll? So many of these things that I see other blogs do seem like things that Real Blogs do. You know, blogs with readers?

So this crazy summer with my bff4l. We had the room but now we needed furniture. Enter Craigslist. Because we are close (and crazy. and broke.) we decided that I would buy a full size bed for us to share for the summer and then keep once she moved back to PA to her college. We found a really good deal for a mattress/boxspring/metal frame for $75 which sounded like a great deal! The only thing was that it was a Queen but more bed for a good price? Duh! So we drove out to get it – it was in a trailer park but the trailer seemed fairly clean. Whatever stop judging us.

We strapped it on my Honda Accord and schlepped it back to the house – a good 16 miles away but we drove verrry very slowly. We got the bedframe up the stairs. We got the mattress up the stairs. That was kind of heavy and it was summer and the house didn’t have central air so at this point we were pretty sweaty. We got the boxspring off and were happy that it was fairly light, just kind of awkward due to size. Then we hit a major roadblock. As in the boxspring wasn’t bendy like the mattress or insubstantial like the frame and therefore could not make the sharp turn of the landing to get up the stairs. Up the stairs to our bedroom.

Ummmm. Cuss.

I think that I have repressed a lot of the memories from the next few days because they were that frustrating. Yes, DAYS. First, we got a hammer and tried to hammer down the metal in one of the corners in the hopes that the corner being bent down would do enough to get it around the railing. No dice and now there was a bent corner.

I think we probably tried a few other things that day and it became very apparent that it wasn’t going to make it up the stairs. Thankfully, although my college is 9 hours away from my parents it is only 20 minutes from my grandparents and importantly (in this situation) my grandfather’s tools! Sometime over the next day or so we were able to pick up a saw.

Yep. A saw.

We took off the fabric backing and cut off the corner that we had previously tried to bend down. It just seemed like that one pesky corner was all that was holding us back from a nice solid bed in our window-unit-cooled room! Not surprisingly, this did not work. Enter more frustration. At some point we googled this problem and someone suggested cutting the boxspring in half. Okay so we tried that but you can’t just make a cut across the middle, you have to cut out a chunk because the bed needs to bend back on itself so there needs to be space for bending. That makes sense but OOPS I didn’t cut a big enough chunk. Time to make more cuts. I’m just glad that no small children or nuns or other chaste people were around because this was a bad scene.

We finally had big enough cuts that we could bend it in half. Well I guess in half isn’t the correct term – imagine one half of it perpendicular to the floor/the other half. Time to get it up the stairs. It made the turn on the landing easily and we were so excited! My poor little biffle was tired/weak and was having a hard time getting it up the stairs (also there was a lot of delirious laughing at this point) and all I can remember is screaming at her “PICK IT UP. GET IT UP THE STAIRS. JUST DO IT.” Sorry, girl, I was just so over it!

Finally. FINALLY. FINALLY (I realize I’ve said “finally” like 100 times in this post but there are not enough finallys to explain this relief) it was up the stairs. Buuut now of course we had to put Humpty back together again. So we could sleep on Humpty. Okay maybe this isn’t the best analogy but let me just say that duct tape is worth its weight in gold. Man I love that stuff!

And now… the good part. Of course we were photo documenting this whole experience!

“Hey look at my sweet Craigslist deal! This is going to be awesome!”… Famous last words

Trying to hammer down the corner. At this point we thought it was going to be a simple fix.

Trying to cut a hole out of the middle so it could rotate around the post (I left that step out of my story)

Prepare yourself. 

SO CLOSE! (Yes, I made her hold it there so I could document the progress up the stairs)

Can you guess what word I want to use now? FINALLY!

All made up (kinda)

We put the fabric back on and slept on this for the rest of the summer. Then I slept on it for another year before my dad reinforced the bottom with some 2x4s. It lasted me until the summer of 2011 (3 years!) and might have lasted longer if I didn’t get married and move with my husband to a furnished campus apartment.

Here she blows in her final hours. Please note the bendy corner. Never was able to fix that.   

Thanks for the sleeps!

How has duct tape saved your life? Maybe that’s a little hyperbole but you should know that that is what it felt like at the time.


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