Finish him!

Okay, it’s really time to finish up these living spaces. I kind of mentioned them in the mattress story but let me explain them a little more. First, a recap.

  • Parent’s house
  • Freshman year- tiny single
  • Sophomore year- lofted bed with a ninja friend
  • Junior year- first semester in a single again but one that was a legitimate shape
  • Junior year – second semester in Madrid in a small room in a host mother’s house butwhocaresitwasSpain
  • Junior summer – room shared with my high school best friend; almost ruined by mattress incident
  • Senior year

Senior year I moved to a townhouse with 2 of my friends that I’d known since freshman year. This place probably was the first that allowed more creativity (our own furniture, ability to hang things) but we didn’t do a whole lot. Strapped for cash + senior year at a tough school will do that to you. It wasn’t the nicest place in the world but we felt relatively safe because criminals usually don’t rob where they live… right? Also we felt like the spray painted “Gang 336” was probably just a joke. Or something. I lived there for 2 years – through my first year in grad school.

My second year of grad school I lived with my now sister in law! By far the nicest place I have lived yet. SIL E owns a lot of nice stuff so the apartment was very nicely decorated but again we didn’t do anything like painting walls. I loved living with her and enjoyed decorating for holidays (except when we moved and had to lug eleventybillion boxes labeled ‘Christmas’ or ‘knick knacks’ down the stairs). That was just 2 years ago so we’re finally getting to present times!

In the summer of 2011 my husband and I both graduated from our Master’s programs and then we got married! His sister and I moved out of our apartment and I finally moved in with hubs. Here’s where my husband’s job is important. He works in housing/residence life in a job that requires you to live on campus. He’s never NOT lived on a campus (this is now his 8th year of living in a residence hall). The summer that we got married he had not started his current job and still had some responsibilities from his job during graduate school. Meaning that I moved in to his apartment on campus. Except they were remodeling that apartment and moved him (and by proxy me) to a guest apartment. Although we weren’t the happiest about having to do this interim move for a few weeks (at the same time as graduating and getting married) and live out of boxes, the guest suite was NICE. Like a hotel. So we grinned and bore it.

In July we moved 30 minutes away to my husband’s new “big boy” job. I remember the first time we toured the apartment. All 500 square feet of it. As we left I turned to my husband and said, “you owe me”. It will probably be easier to write the issues with the apartment in list form. Otherwise it would be the world’s longest run on sentence.

  • tiny
  • it used to be bigger but they turned some of it in to a classroom by building partition walls. Meaning that the walls separating us and the classroom weren’t very solid or noise proof. Actually, you could slip a piece of paper between the top of the wall and the ceiling.
  • mice
  • house centipedes
  • cockroaches
  • there was only 1 closet for the whole place. 1 closet for linens, clothing, craft stuff, shoes, etc. There was a hallway outside of the apartment with a closet that I used for a lot of my craft stuff and just prayed that it wouldn’t get stolen (it didn’t!)
  • the only bathroom was in the bedroom so any time people wanted to stay over they would have to sleep on the pull out couch (see next bullet) and walk through our room to get to the bathroom
  • the pull out couch took up the whole living room when pulled out. Like you couldn’t get through the front door of the apartment.
  • the bed took up the entire bedroom. I had to climb over Hubs or down the bottom of the bed to get out
  • we took the closet door off because if it was open you couldn’t get in to the room
  • there were no counters in the bathroom so any products/lady accessories had to be kept in the already small bedroom
  • no plugs in the “dining room”
  • the dining room table had 4 chairs but only had room for 2 chairs around the table
  • our bedroom shared a wall with an office. Luckily on most days they were only there 9-5ish when we were at work
  • I think you get the picture

New goal: make sure to take pictures of every room that we live in! All I can find are 2 kitchen pictures, a picture of the bedroom, and some pictures from moving out.

It was a very elongated kitchen but I loved it for all of the room! On the left is the door to the maintenance closet that we stuck boxes and things that we didn’t mind getting dirty in. Plus 2 of the 4 chairs to our kitchen table that didn’t actually fit around it. We called it the “wine cellar”.

Bedroom. Aka the bed. That’s all that fit except for 2 dressers against the other wall with about 1.5′ between the bed and the dressers. Love those wall decals that my mother in law gave us! And see that painting? That’s from my friend Claire. In college she painted each of us a picture of a pair of our shoes and painted them how she though of us. Her description of mine is one of the most flattering things anyone has said about me: The shoes are warm and inviting and larger than life ❤

Moving pictures:

These are all full of my clothes…

So after a year of living there Hubs put in for a transfer to another building. This was kind of a roller coast ride because as soon as there was a possibility of moving I felt like I got totally OVER the apartment. I hated everything about it. Then it looked like we might not get to move and it was a big downer but I just kind of accepted it. I spent a lot of time telling myself that we were able to put so much money towards the loans because of this apartment and that it was just part of our story. This started sometime in January, I think. At the same time the department was trying to get a pet policy approved. And at the same time it was failing. All I want is a kitten! I was kind of angry about all of this for a while.

Then, in May we saw on Facebook that one of the people living in a 2 bedroom apartment was leaving! This was the contingency for us moving – someone had to want to leave a 2 bedroom apartment (makes sense). Suddenly we were told that yes we were moving! Within 2 weeks. To an interim apartment. So once again we packed up our boxes in specific ways – designating some boxes as stuff that could stay way for a few months and others as things that we needed. And we moved across campus. That’s where we are now. In a 4 bedroom student suite! Yep – this is like 3 times the size of our last apartment. Two of the bedrooms are basically just being used as storage and our next apartment is literally across the hall and one door up. As interim housing goes this is none to shabby!

And now… drum roll please… WE HAVE THE KEYS TO OUR NEXT PLACE! We were supposed to move in last Tuesday but over the weekend before that the washer in there exploded. Although I was obviously disappointed that we wouldn’t be moving this was a blessing. Not only were we not moved in at that point so no damage to our stuff but now they’ve replaced the washer/dryer as well as the carpet. So hopefully things are all nice for us to move in! Of course now all I want to do is fake sick and leave work so I can start moving but in the way of the world, we already have plans for this evening that we can’t cancel. So we’ll move a few things tonight and then Hubs and one of our friends will move most of the stuff tomorrow.

We plan on being here for probably 2 years, and we like this place a lot, so I will finally do some projects around the place. Obviously we still can’t do any paint or flooring, and most of the furniture is already provided, but I have a few small term things in mind. Here are a few things I’d like to do

  • curtains- maybe some stenciled curtains?
  • relationship timeline gallery wall
  • capiz chandelier
  • find room for one piece of furniture: a china hutch!

And because I’m really excited, here’s a list of reasons why this apartment is going to be great!

  • bigger
  • much newer building so hopefully fewer bugs/mice
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • WASHER/DRYER omgomgomgomg
  • multiple closets
  • exterior entrance so I don’t have to sneak beer in feeling like a convict
  • upperclassmen residence hall so hopefully kids are smarter than the girl that let her drug dealer, non-student boyfriend live with her and keep guns in the room. Yeah, that happened.


How many of you have dealt with the joys of interim housing? We counted and I think we’ve moved stuff 11 times, not even counting helping friends/family move. And we’ve only been together for 4 years. Have you moved a lot in your adult life? Where are my military families?? Tell me to stop complaining!


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