Movin’ On Up!

I’d like to know how many posts about moving have this same title. Actually, it would probably be easier to count how many DON’T use this title. Yesterday I said that we were going to move on Friday but there were antsies in our pantsies so we did most of it last night! It looked rainy and our previous plan was to go to a baseball game so we canceled in favor of moving. I don’t think it did rain but it will be great to have more time to unpack tonight rather than spending it all on moving stuff! The new place is great! I have to admit that we were looking at it with rose colored glasses, though. There are a few downfalls.

  • not enough furniture
  • the bathroom that we want is across from the bedroom that we want buuut that bedroom doesn’t have a cable connection for TV in bed
  • tiny kitchen
  • smaller bedrooms than we thought

Overall – still such an upgrade! Did I mention the washer/dryer?! Can I just tell you a fear of mine, though? This is a handicap suite. Meaning that if someone gets hired next year and needs a handicap suite… I think we would get kicked out. Obviously it wouldn’t be the end of the world – we would still have jobs and housing, etc. But moving again? And then again one year later? I just don’t know if I can…

Pushing those thoughts out of my head! So I said lack of furniture was a problem and boy is it. Here’s a list of things that were in our old apartment and underlined are things that are also in the new one

  • bed
  • dresser
  • coffee table
  • dresser for the entertainment center
  • desk/desk chair
  • book shelf

Okay now that doesn’t seem like much but I promise it is. The old apartment had 2 dressers for one room whereas this apartment has 2 dressers for 2 rooms. Hubs and I definitely both need a dresser so we moved the one from the guest room in to our room as well and now the guest room is without. The dresser/entertainment center was awesome in the last place – it had 4 drawers that held remotes, other electronics, and all of our scarves/gloves/winter things. So now we need a place for all of that. Maybe the reason that it feels like we have so much less storage furniture is because of the size of the kitchen. I think I am being punished for being so unappreciative of the kitchen in the last apartment. It was HUGE. As in, room for everything and still having empty drawers and cabinets. I didn’t even take all of our gifts from the wedding out of their boxes because everything fit.

Fast forward to this kitchen which has a fairly good amount of top cabinetry but only one cabinet on the bottom. Yep, one. And 2 small drawers. Because it is a handicap suite it has an empty space next to the stove so one could wheel underneath the counter. So that’s about 2 cabinets worth of space gone. And some of the counters are a lot lower which I started complaining about and then realized that almost EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD is for average heighted people so I should just shut it.

Anyway – the need for more furniture has prompted an IKEA trip on Sunday! I started looking online and am so excited for this. I’m a little worried that Hubs doesn’t know what he’s in for though. We’re going to have to buy tons of furniture eventually so I feel like spending some money now will be worth it. Here are some of the things I’m coveting:                                      I like that I could display some things but also have some hidden areas for just throwing pots and pans in. I eventually need a hutch for china so this could be a good middle ground.                                This is really pretty perfect as far as side boards/buffets go. I really like that there are drawers because we are in sore need of more drawer space.                                                    This is a little bit more affordable so may be a contender. It would definitely depend on how tall it is and how much space is inside. Can’t really tell with the doors closed!                                                         I really like the top cabinet on this. A nice display place, it creates another surface, and then the storage space on the bottom. I just wish that it had a drawer or two!                                                          I also considered something like this. However, the storage on the bottom isn’t hidden.

So from all of these options I think my list of wants is:

  • hidden storage on the bottom
  • drawers
  • another surface area and/or a display area for nicer dishes

In reality, something like this is my dream buuut likely out of our desired price range at the moment.

Source:  (I just typed “dining room hutch” in to the Google machine)

So… off to Ikea we go! (On Sunday)


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