A house is not a home

I’m not really sure what that song is about but I hope it’s relevant. We’re trying hard to make this “house” our home! Ikea was awesome, as usual. We may or may not have eaten there twice. Seee when we got there it was almost lunch time but we knew the caf would be crowded and we wanted to get to our shopping so we grabbed a hot dog. Then we shopped, shopped shopped, and then went to their “restaurant”. I, of course, had their meatball plate. Mmm get at me, lingonberry!

So, here’s the breakdown of our spoils:

Worktable desk for the craft/hobby/sewing/guest room. $20

Bookshelves for hubs. $24.99

Desk for hubs. $69

LOVE OF MY LIFE EXPEDIT CUBE SHELVES. $140. So rather than get the large one for $159 we decided to get 2 smaller ones for less money. And easier to move. And we liked the matte white more than the high gloss white anyway. It was pretty much a win win.

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for. What did we get for the sideboard/buffet/hutch/kitchen storage? If you remember, this was the wishlist.

And if you check this post, you’ll see the different options that we wanted to check out. Well, none of them worked.

This was the front runner going in to it. Although the price was a little high I thought it was worth it because it’s pretty. I loved the top but the bottom was lacking. It was a lot more shallow than I thought and the drawers seemed like they would fit almost zero things. So I had to say goodbye to my beauty.

I also loved this one. Hubs wasn’t thrilled with the price tag, even of the $400 version in a different color (I think maybe it was birch but possibly gray/brown). At this time we were feeling kind of beat down (the order on here doesn’t reflect the order of the shopping) so I wasn’t up for a debate.

I don’t remember if we saw this but we may have totally looked it over because it doesn’t have drawers. At the time I think the main draw was the price tag.

Then we almost got this. I think it would have been really good except what you can’t see is the scalloped edges. That plus the antique stain gave it a very country feel and that isn’t really my style. I do think I like rustic/country chic type things but it just wasn’t the right vibe and I did not want to spend that much on something that I didn’t love.


What was I thinking? It doesn’t have hidden storage, it’s the most expensive thing I posted, and it’s industrial. This is an obvious no.

So… what did we end up with? Drum roll, please!

Yep… it’s a dresser! Sorry, “chest of drawers”. First, look at that lovely pricetag. Even at $250 we were leaning towards it but then we saw the 20% off deal and were sold! Ding ding ding! Two small drawers for utensil type things and then 4 large drawers for hidden storage of random kitchen items. Yes, it is obviously a dresser in our kitchen but we didn’t want to spend a good amount of money on something that wasn’t perfect and, more importantly, that may not work in our next kitchen. I would have had a hard time settling for something now and two years down the line wanting something different. So now in two years when we move we’ll have this dresser (which we have none of our own currently) and for now we have kitchen storage. And they lived happily ever after. I can really say that because the stuff is all put together already and we are no longer cursing at allen wrenches. Next post: pictures of the loot!

Have you had any creative solutions to storage? How much do you love Ikea??


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