Just keep [blogging]

If you’re reading the back posts you will see that I was pretty post heavy there for a while and I made a lot of promises. Like “pictures soon!” and “next post will be about curtains!”.  Oops. Do you want to know what happened? I got discouraged. I ran into a big, huge, annoying roadblock trying to hang curtains and I got discouraged and felt like I couldn’t do anything myself. Couldn’t DAM, if you’ll let me take the DIY acronym to a bad place. Long story short after spending a few hours ironing, hemming, spacing clips, and making sure the curtains worked on the pole my husband and I started to actually hang the hardware. That’s where we ran in to a lot of problems: drywall anchors not fitting but then being too loose or just exploding, screws not screwing, etc. I don’t know if it was a combination of a bad wall, trying to work in a very tall space for two not-tall people, inexperience or what, but nothing was working. A bunch of holes in the wall later and we had one bracket up… barely. The others just fell out of the wall. After a few hours we gave up. I cried a little (blamed it on the drywall dust), cursed a little, and put everything away. That one bracket is still hanging forlornly on the wall as a reminder of my ineptitude. We found out a week or so later that we weren’t supposed to hang anything on our outer walls anyway so…. maybe it’s for the best?

Anyway… it turned me off of blogging and any large home improvement projects (not that I can do many in our apartment). But the Pinterest Challenge that I’ll post about next has totally inspired me again. What I need to remember is that everyone is going to have a project that fails! That doesn’t mean that I’ll never be able to fix anything, that just means that I need to learn to roll with the punches. I  need to get over my pride and sometimes admit defeat so I can learn from it. I will try again when we have a house and I will learn to hang curtains! Some day, you will see pictures on this blog of the curtains that I have measured, ironed, hemmed, clipped, drilled, and hung. Just know that that is a promise for some day in the future =)


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