Projector Projects!

Guess what I bought?! A projector!! I’ve seen a lot of projects lately that either use a projector or would be a lot easier with a projector. A few examples:

(From here)

(From here)

And one of my favs:

(From here)

All of these are things that *could* be free handed but while I am creative, I am not artistic. I also can’t really put any of this in use right now (unless I stumble upon an awesomely cheap, awesomely in shape piece of furniture) but I am one of those girls that gets an idea in my head and I NEED TO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. So I did a search on Craigslist and lo and behold, a guy was selling 3 of them for $30! I emailed him and asked if I could pick one up for cash for $25 in the next few days. The guy was really nice and although the projector was in a storage unit he had it hooked up and ready for me when I arrived so he could turn it on and show me that it worked. So now I have a projector =)

Have you used a projector for any projects? I LOVE the pregnancy one. I’m the type of person that saves EVERYTHING so if I was doing updates like that on paper I would feel the need to save them. Chalkboard is perfect because I’d take the picture and erase the board! Maybe even a chalkboard wall… the possibilities are endless! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone =)


P.S. I thought I had seen a similar chalkboard project on one of the blogs of a lady that has left a comment before and I wanted to link to that one but I couldn’t find it! Bummer.

P.P.S. For some reason every time I typed chalkboard in this post (even just now this time) I have left off the ‘k’. What’s up with that??


Wreathing Havoc

One of my favorite crafties is yarn wreaths! I started seeing these pop up all over a little over a year ago and happened to be unemployed at the time. I got hooked. I made my mom, mother in law, and sister in laws some for Christmas and have given them as gifts here and there. I don’t remember the exact tutorials that I’ve used but I think that this was one of them. Bonus  – it also has a tutorial for felt flowers!

Wrapping the yarn around is pretty straight forward. I will say that I typically use a different type of wreath. The tutorial that I linked above does it with a straw wreath. I found that to be more difficult because the bumps in the straw and unevenness of the surface made it easier for the yarn to slip around and leave the underneath exposed. I have found better success with foam wreaths (usually found with other styrofoam things and often near floral accessories). Having a smooth surface seems to make it easier to just quickly wrap the yarn and not worry about wrapping thicker in some areas.

The tutorial above is great but you really don’t need much of a tutorial for making the base. Foam wreath, tie the end of the yarn on, and wrap. I typically wrap some and then kind of push the yarn together so it is a tight wrap. Then when I get back around and it is fully covered I tie it and usually hot glue the end on the back.

You can decorate them any number of ways! I’ve done bits of lace, tons of different felt flowers, wooden animals and initials, holly, etc. Here are pictures of most of mine! Of course I forgot to take pictures of the two nursery wreaths that I’ve done which were so cute! Oh well – guess someone else needs to have a baby so I can make one for them =)

I love the flower on this one. It was a little more time consuming than the typical rose looking flowers but I think it is so beautiful!

Tutorial for that flower here

These flowers are mostly from that first tutorial and also seen here. Sorry the picture is so washed out! They are white and light pink. I also just glued some little petal shaped versions in as filler.

Boo blurry picture =( This is actually the first wreath I did and it has the straw base. I don’t know if you can tell that it is kind of lumpy from the picture. It is also thicker. Tutorial for the white flower here.

Now two of my faves! I’m definitely making myself one this year.

I can’t even decide which I love more. I love the peppermint stripes on the first one but the natural yarn on the second is beautiful, too. For these I bought a sprig of Christmas holly stuff either at the dollar store or Walmart, I forget which. Either way it was very inexpensive! I then broke it down and glued stuff where I thought it looked good! The second one also has some jingle balls on it.

I would like to step my yarn wreath game up and add some more creative elements in. I love, love, love the wreaths featured here!

For some other flower techniques (some I have tried, some I have not… they’re just all pinned on my “Yarn Wreath” board) are below:



What are your favorite types of wreaths to make or to hang? I love yarn wreaths because even though they’re wreaths (which I usually associate with winter holidays) it is very easy to make them for any season or occasion! Do you have any more neat flower or embellishments that you make?

Hanging out at Goodwill

I have a confession to make. I used to think Goodwill was only really good for costume pieces. I will excuse myself and say that when I was in college I didn’t have any need for or room for (ahem, tight squeezes and all that) dishes or pieces of furniture to refurbish or any of the fun things that I now know can be found at Goodwill. I also have to give some props to posts like this one and this one for givin’ me a big ol’ slap in the face! (Sometimes I say that like “slappin da bass” from I Love YouMan and crack myself up)

I still don’t have a place for furniture but that will all come in good time. Anyway, I went to Goodwill yesterday to see if I could pick up any accent pieces for the bridal shower that I’m helping to throw on Sunday. The colors are yellow and gray so I was looking for any yellow glassware or (fingers crossed) mercury glass or just a pretty vase. I didn’t find any of that but may go back for some vases to make my own mercury glass some day. Probably won’t have time to do that for the shower, though. Here are some tutorials that I found on doing your own mercury glass – it looks pretty easy!

  • I LOVE the way these turned out! A lot of tutorials that I’ve seen describe the step with the paper towel as “rubbing” off the water and some people may like the more patchy look but in this blog she describes it as “popping the bubbles” and I really love the delicate look that she ends up with.
  • This one is a bit more involved of a process and involves black spray paint. I love the more vintagey look that she got from her process and really love the vessel that she used. In my search I found a lot of standard vases which look awesome but this one really jumped out at me!
  • Searching “DIY mercury glass” on Pinterest turned up a lot of results and most of the tutorials just have some slight differences. Once I get around to actually trying it I will see which process works for me.

So I may not have found anything for the shower but I DID come away with some great finds. Here they are!

Guess how much I paid for all 3 of these things? You keep guessing and I’ll tell you piece by piece.

First I saw this silver plate.

It’s not super fancy but I liked the oval shape. As you can kind of see from the picture it has some rust spots. I plan to take some time to search for good cleaning recipes (something with baking powder, maybe?) that could help clean it up a bit but if that doesn’t work I can use a doily to place the food on and make my side dishes at tailgates look fancy. Classy if you will. Plus, it was only $1.00 so if it doesn’tclean up, oh well!

Then I saw this fancy thang. Half of me thinks that it is ugly and the other half loves it.

Clearly the part that liked it won out. It has a few chips on the side/bottom of the swirly things but it isn’t super noticeable with the variations in the glaze. I plan on putting ornaments that I bought at the dollar store and maybe a red mardi gras necklace in it for Christmas!

I bought these the other day. I’ll just play around with gold or silver or maybe some of both and see what looks good! I am kind of excited and want to do it now but I also know that if I did it I would probably not want to put it away and it’s just too early for Christmas. I’m sorry Christmas, I love you, but I can’t push Thanksgiving out of the way. This is the look I’m going for:

I found this on Pinterest and pinned it a while ago but it is from this post on At the Picket Fence. Leaving it green will make it a little bit less subtle/elegant but, spoiler alert, maybe next year I will spray paint the swirly plate silver or white! Lots of possibilities. This plate was only $2.00.

Finally, I got this little gem. Or these little gems, I should say.

This little beaut didn’t have a price tag but I’ve been looking for some glass pebbles to do another Christmas project. If you can’t tell it has some clear full circles (like marbles), some clear flat bottomed pebbles, and some blue flat bottomed pebbles. I have no idea how many are inside but it’s pretty heavy. The vase is probably ruined because it’s 100% covered in tape but it’s just one of those vases you get with flowers so I’m not too upset about it. Gotta get my crafting on with these pebbles now! So this is the part that I’m excited about for pricing. I took it up to the counter wanting to see how much it would be. My other two items were $1 and $2 and I was pretty sure I’d pay some money for this because I know exactly what I want them for but I also had this fleeting thought of trying to haggle. That is so not something that I am familiar or comfortable with but I was trying to get brazen enough to say something like, “this didn’t have a price tag so could I give you a dollar for it?” But I lost my nerve.

I put my items on the counter and said I didn’t know how much it was (and also realized at the same time that maybe that’s why they put eleventybillion price tags on their stuff) and the lady looked at it all and started ringing it up and said “3.20”. Like… three dollars and twenty cents FOR ALL OF IT! Happy dance!!

So that’s my most recent Goodwill trip! Great success.

Any other Goodwill fans? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to clean a cheap, probably not very high quality silver plate? Who is excited for The Holidays?!