Wreathing Havoc

One of my favorite crafties is yarn wreaths! I started seeing these pop up all over a little over a year ago and happened to be unemployed at the time. I got hooked. I made my mom, mother in law, and sister in laws some for Christmas and have given them as gifts here and there. I don’t remember the exact tutorials that I’ve used but I think that this was one of them. Bonus  – it also has a tutorial for felt flowers!

Wrapping the yarn around is pretty straight forward. I will say that I typically use a different type of wreath. The tutorial that I linked above does it with a straw wreath. I found that to be more difficult because the bumps in the straw and unevenness of the surface made it easier for the yarn to slip around and leave the underneath exposed. I have found better success with foam wreaths (usually found with other styrofoam things and often near floral accessories). Having a smooth surface seems to make it easier to just quickly wrap the yarn and not worry about wrapping thicker in some areas.

The tutorial above is great but you really don’t need much of a tutorial for making the base. Foam wreath, tie the end of the yarn on, and wrap. I typically wrap some and then kind of push the yarn together so it is a tight wrap. Then when I get back around and it is fully covered I tie it and usually hot glue the end on the back.

You can decorate them any number of ways! I’ve done bits of lace, tons of different felt flowers, wooden animals and initials, holly, etc. Here are pictures of most of mine! Of course I forgot to take pictures of the two nursery wreaths that I’ve done which were so cute! Oh well – guess someone else needs to have a baby so I can make one for them =)

I love the flower on this one. It was a little more time consuming than the typical rose looking flowers but I think it is so beautiful!

Tutorial for that flower here

These flowers are mostly from that first tutorial and also seen here. Sorry the picture is so washed out! They are white and light pink. I also just glued some little petal shaped versions in as filler.

Boo blurry picture =( This is actually the first wreath I did and it has the straw base. I don’t know if you can tell that it is kind of lumpy from the picture. It is also thicker. Tutorial for the white flower here.

Now two of my faves! I’m definitely making myself one this year.

I can’t even decide which I love more. I love the peppermint stripes on the first one but the natural yarn on the second is beautiful, too. For these I bought a sprig of Christmas holly stuff either at the dollar store or Walmart, I forget which. Either way it was very inexpensive! I then broke it down and glued stuff where I thought it looked good! The second one also has some jingle balls on it.

I would like to step my yarn wreath game up and add some more creative elements in. I love, love, love the wreaths featured here!

For some other flower techniques (some I have tried, some I have not… they’re just all pinned on my “Yarn Wreath” board) are below:

From http://mistergandmecrafts.blogspot.com/2012/01/felt-rose-tutorial.html

From http://tatertotsandjello.com/2011/11/make-a-holiday-felt-flower-wreath-christmas-tutorial.html

From http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/2010/11/day-4-leather-flowers.html
What are your favorite types of wreaths to make or to hang? I love yarn wreaths because even though they’re wreaths (which I usually associate with winter holidays) it is very easy to make them for any season or occasion! Do you have any more neat flower or embellishments that you make?


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