Projector Projects!

Guess what I bought?! A projector!! I’ve seen a lot of projects lately that either use a projector or would be a lot easier with a projector. A few examples:

(From here)

(From here)

And one of my favs:

(From here)

All of these are things that *could* be free handed but while I am creative, I am not artistic. I also can’t really put any of this in use right now (unless I stumble upon an awesomely cheap, awesomely in shape piece of furniture) but I am one of those girls that gets an idea in my head and I NEED TO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. So I did a search on Craigslist and lo and behold, a guy was selling 3 of them for $30! I emailed him and asked if I could pick one up for cash for $25 in the next few days. The guy was really nice and although the projector was in a storage unit he had it hooked up and ready for me when I arrived so he could turn it on and show me that it worked. So now I have a projector =)

Have you used a projector for any projects? I LOVE the pregnancy one. I’m the type of person that saves EVERYTHING so if I was doing updates like that on paper I would feel the need to save them. Chalkboard is perfect because I’d take the picture and erase the board! Maybe even a chalkboard wall… the possibilities are endless! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone =)


P.S. I thought I had seen a similar chalkboard project on one of the blogs of a lady that has left a comment before and I wanted to link to that one but I couldn’t find it! Bummer.

P.P.S. For some reason every time I typed chalkboard in this post (even just now this time) I have left off the ‘k’. What’s up with that??


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