Ornament Update

Here’s where my list of things to post about stands:

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Wedding post!
  • Skyline Art
  • Thumbtack balls
  • Lollipop spiders
  • Ticket box

So I have some posts to write, huh? However, I’m having too much holiday fun to do any work so I’m just letting everyone know that I updated my wedding ornament post with pictures! I made an ornament for my sister in law and actually remembered to take some progress pictures this time! Things I did forget: to take a final product picture. I’m the worst!

What’s everyone doing for New Years Eve? Hubs and I are going to dinner with friends and then to a house party. I have good feelings about 2013! If you can accomplish one thing or have one wish granted for 2013 – what would it be? What was your biggest success of 2012?



I feel like Christmastime has been here for a while but I’m finally getting around to a post about my decorations! I actually started it on Thursday – I had all of my pictures uploaded and stamped and ready to go – and my boss let us leave early since we didn’t have a lot of work to do! It was a Christmas miracle =) My husband and I were able to leave about 3.5 hours early to pick up my sister in law and make the trek north. It was so nice to get to DE at 10pm instead of 1am or later and we were able to avoid any rain. It was a really windy drive, though. So we got to DE Thursday night and stayed at my in laws and then Friday my husband and I went up to NJ to attend my dad’s 50th birthday! We were able to surprise him (and most of my family – only my mom knew) and celebrate for the night. Saturday we saw some of my friends from high school and then drove back down to DE. So now I have some time to update about my Christmas decorations!

We have a tiny apartment but I still try to decorate a lot because I just love Christmas. We have a teensy tiny Christmas tree that we already have too many ornaments for but I pull it out and put on as many ornaments as I can! We do have a lot of ball ornaments that are beautiful but not super meaningful so I usually don’t put those out unless I put them in a vase. It’s a step or two above a Charlie Brown tree, in my opinion.

I’ll start with my “mantle”. It’s really just the dresser in our kitchen but it’s the one flat space that is relatively empty that I can decorate. It works pretty well, actually. I’ll show the big picture (literally) and then break down each item.

Awwww how prettyyy! My decorations are a combination of cheapos that I used in my dorm room, homemade things, and hand me downs. This would fall in to that first category – I think my bestie from high school sent me a Christmas package with this countdown but I love using it every year!

Full disclosure: I took this picture weeks ago. I have zero idea why I wrote 12 days. I’m never good about remembering to change it every day so I’ll just tell myself that I was making it easier for myself by predating it. A few days after I wrote it/took this picture it still said 12 days (and still was more than 12 days until Christmas) and my husband was like “why does this say 12? It’s like 17 days away…” DON’T ASK QUESTIONS. The sleigh is a recent acquisition from my MIL. I’m not normally the type to have candy bowls out (mainly because I can’t avoid the temptation) but somehow I am able to avoid the siren call of Hershey kisses. Hershey kisses with caramel inside, though? They’d never make it. The bowl in the middle is also from my MIL and has some pretty holly on it. There’s also a small plate that goes with it. Always good to have some Christmas dishes that are pretty and can go in a mantlescape but also can be used. I had some pumkpin bread on the plate earlier this month.

Okay – see the frame? It was SO easy but it’s one of my favorite things.

If you don’t immediately recognize the quote then I need you to step away from the computer and watch Elf IMMEDIATELY! One of the Christmas movies that I watch every season (along with Home Alone 1 & 2 and Love Actually). The frame was something that I found at AC Moore or Michael’s after last Christmas for very cheap – maybe $3. It was just sitting around waiting for something until I found this printable! I don’t know what I’ll use it for next but I think I might just make it my designated printables frame. The frame looks like it’s wintery but also is a seafoamish color so I think it will work year round. So I just printed it out, used my paper cutter to cut off the excess, and stuck it in the frame! 1 minute project and I love, love it, love it!

Oh and what’s that over there on the left? My card wreath! Doesn’t it look so good with cards in it? I posted about making it here for my Pinterest Challenge but that was in October so I put it away until December 1. We’ve gotten a good amount of Christmas cards but I also saved them from last year so I’ve just been replacing an old card with a new one when we get it in the mail so it can keep looking full. I want to marry it.

Another quick project is this bead vase.

I have a ton of beads so I went through and picked out the Christmasey ones and layered them into the bowl. And that was it! I tucked it onto our TV table kind of behind the TV so it just adds a little bit of Christmas to that corner.

I also have these candles on our table. I love the red and silver. They didn’t fit well and my SIL told me they have some taper candles with thicker bottoms but I kind of like my solution. I grabbed some scraps from scrapbook paper and wrapped it around the bottom until it was thick enough to hold the candles in there. I wish I had more of the gray paper because I think that looks so good on there. I could also grab some green paper and make them look even more Christmasey (P.S. how many times can a person use Christmasey in one post?!)

Oh I have another update!! I really should have made this into a few posts but when the blogging spirit hits I have to run with it. So I posted here about my Goodwill find for $2. Here’s what it looks like all dressed up!

I like it. It’s in the middle of our coffee table which is a little big for it so I think if there was a tray underneath it it would look better. It’s a work in progress.

Know what I do have on the table next to it? The 12 Days of Christmas in New Jersey. And it’s not just 12 days of chemical spills and trash! You know I’m New Jersey’s biggest fan!

Okay last thing! Please ignore the Jameson coasters in the background. Note to self: pay more attention to other items in the frame! My sweet little paper Christmas tree:

I REALLY love this thing. Like a lot. I saw it on BowerPower and pinned it a while ago. She used wax paper which I think I might try another day but when I did this I had computer paper next to me and wax paper in the other room so… computer paper won!

Okay – that’s a lot for today. Doesn’t Christmas this year feel like such a weeklong event?! I think it’s because Christmas is on a Tuesday so a lot of people have Monday and Tuesday off – 4 day weekend! Do you have more time off? Do you have any holiday traditions? My family always opens one gift on Christmas Eve. Really trying to get my in laws to let us do that tomorrow =)

Happy holidays, everyone!

Spider Pop

I couldn’t think of a fun title for this but I will tell you that I am singing it to “Dirty Pop”. Don’t act like you don’t know!

Anyhoo. This is yet another Pinterest project. Seriously almost all of my ideas could be part of a Pinterest Challenge. I found this spider pop tutorial months ago and thought it was so cute! (Also, how cute is that blog title. House of Baby Piranha!)

We have season tickets to our college football team and have big ol tailgates every gameday (and then some). I thought this would be a perfect item to bring to our game close to Halloween and decorate the table/entertain the kids. They were easy to make, too!

What you will need:

  • pipe cleaners (I didn’t have any so I bought black but you could use any color if you already had some)
  • googly (moogly) eyes
  • lollipops (I didn’t want to make a whole bags worth of these so I bought them individually at Party City)
  1. I cut the pipe cleaners in half so I could get more use out of the pack and so the spiders had short little legs. And because the longer legs freaked me out for some reason. You could leave them whole for long legs if you are brave, though.
  2. Center the lollipop in the middle of the pipe cleaner piece and wrap the pipe cleaner around the stem.                                             
  3. Do this with four pieces of pipe cleaner (for 8 legs!) I realize these are kind of off centered. You could be more careful about it, trim the uneven ends, or do what I did and ignore it/correct for it when bending the legs.
  4. Bend all of the legs so that the lollipop sits up a little. You might have to fiddle with them a bit to make it so it is even and all of the legs touch the ground.
  5. Glue on the eyes! I used a hot glue gun.

And done! Seriously so easy. Here’s a picture of that freaky long legged one. :shudder:

And a whole bunch of them!

These would be a great project to do with kids at home or even in a classroom. Rather than a hot glue gun you could use Elmers glue. You’d just have to wait longer for it to dry and I’m not about that. I’m all about instant gratification and will sacrifice my finger pads for it!

So there’s one post off of my list of upcoming posts!

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Wedding post!
  • Skyline Art
  • Thumbtack balls
  • Lollipop spiders
  • Ticket box

I feel like I either have a bunch of ideas to post about and too little time/don’t want to go overboard OR I feel like I have nothing to say! Anyone else feel like that? How’s the Christmas shopping going? Maybe next I’ll do a Christmas Decoration post so I’m not dong that in March =) Christmas already… Is there anyone out there that doesn’t feel like this year has flown by?

Wedding Invitation Ornaments

Update: I made a second one for my sister in law and remembered to take progress pictures. BUT I forgot to take a final picture so that’s why some of the pictures involve a pretty pink invitation and some involve a damask black and champagne motif.

This is something that I did a few months ago and just forgot to write up. Which is sad since it is such an easy, easy project.

I pinned this project forever ago (24 weeks ago, says Pinterest. That’s a long time!) and then forgot about. Finally as I was reorganizing my craft shelves I found a bunch of our left over wedding invitations.

[Quick PSA: I had leftover wedding invitations because I was able to order more than I needed because Vistaprint is SO INEXPENSIVE. I use them for any paper products and then some. Just ordered my holiday cards from there, actually! If you sign up for their mailing list they are always sending out special deals and just generally have good prices and sales. They also have LivingSocial coupons every now and then! I can’t tell people enough how much money I saved using them. I think I spent $300 on invitations, RSVP cards, business cards with our wedding website, business cards with taxi information, 2 parking signs, tote bag with my new initials, banner, and probably some things that I am forgetting. And now this makes me think I should do a post about the crafting I did for my wedding! Also, Vistaprint has in no way paid me to say all of these nice things. They don’t know I’m saying them. I just love that place.]

Okay so the ornament. It’s a plain, clear plastic ornament. I forget which place I bought this from but it was AC Moore, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby. All of those places have at least one coupon a week so don’t forget to print or brings those on your phone!

I followed the directions on the post that I pinned but essentially they are as follows:

1. Cut your wedding invitations in to strips. I started in the middle where the text was so I could get an idea of good sizes for the strips. Our names were larger than the rest of the font on the invitation so those strips are a bit larger but you can’t really tell when they’re in the ornament.

I used my paper cutter.

It’s by Fiskars and was probably purchased at Michael’s with a coupon. This thing is amazing. It has made my life SO much easier and really increased productivity/decreased frustration when crafting. Plus it meant I didn’t really have to measure a lot when cutting my strips. I just put the invitation under the guide, made sure it was straight, and cut right between words so that no words were lost.

Here is my paper cutter covered with all of the strips

2. Take your strips and wrap them around a pencil or pen. Make sure the font/prettiness is facing OUT so you can see it. I did 2 different wraps: one where the strip went entirely around itself on the pencil (so looking at the pencil the entire strip was in the same spot. Hope that makes sense)

and one where I wrapped the strip up the pencil (so the pencil was covered).

The first way just makes a little bit tighter of a spiral so I did that for areas where there weren’t words to see, just the pretty details of the invitation.

3. Pull out the metaly thing on top of the ornament and stick each spiral in. I put each spiral in after I took it off of the pencil but you could also wait until you had every spiral ready and try to control which spirals are on the bottom/outside by determining the order in which you put them into the ornament. I didn’t care that much so can’t really speak to how much control you have over this.

4. Put the top back in and you’re finished! Ours is hanging on our tree right now but I also have it out year round in a pretty bowl or vase. I really love the way it looks and it’s a great present idea!

Here is my finished product!

Yes, that is New Jersey artwork in the background. I need to frame it. It’s from 1canoe2 who is a sponsor of Young House Love so I used their discount code to order it for myself.

It says “boardwalks galore down the shore” =)

I also have some other posts in the works – I just need to take pictures of them. And I’ll add a wedding post to this list.

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Wedding post!
  • Skyline Art
  • Thumbtack balls
  • Lollipop spiders
  • Ticket box

I’d love to see some ways that you’ve preserved wedding invitations! Or any meaningful memorabilia for that matter. I am super sentimental and save EVERYTHING (oh wait – that reminds me to do a post about our ticket box! Man, I have a lot of posts to get on) so I love finding new ways to honor those items. Can’t wait to see your projects!