Wedding Invitation Ornaments

Update: I made a second one for my sister in law and remembered to take progress pictures. BUT I forgot to take a final picture so that’s why some of the pictures involve a pretty pink invitation and some involve a damask black and champagne motif.

This is something that I did a few months ago and just forgot to write up. Which is sad since it is such an easy, easy project.

I pinned this project forever ago (24 weeks ago, says Pinterest. That’s a long time!) and then forgot about. Finally as I was reorganizing my craft shelves I found a bunch of our left over wedding invitations.

[Quick PSA: I had leftover wedding invitations because I was able to order more than I needed because Vistaprint is SO INEXPENSIVE. I use them for any paper products and then some. Just ordered my holiday cards from there, actually! If you sign up for their mailing list they are always sending out special deals and just generally have good prices and sales. They also have LivingSocial coupons every now and then! I can’t tell people enough how much money I saved using them. I think I spent $300 on invitations, RSVP cards, business cards with our wedding website, business cards with taxi information, 2 parking signs, tote bag with my new initials, banner, and probably some things that I am forgetting. And now this makes me think I should do a post about the crafting I did for my wedding! Also, Vistaprint has in no way paid me to say all of these nice things. They don’t know I’m saying them. I just love that place.]

Okay so the ornament. It’s a plain, clear plastic ornament. I forget which place I bought this from but it was AC Moore, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby. All of those places have at least one coupon a week so don’t forget to print or brings those on your phone!

I followed the directions on the post that I pinned but essentially they are as follows:

1. Cut your wedding invitations in to strips. I started in the middle where the text was so I could get an idea of good sizes for the strips. Our names were larger than the rest of the font on the invitation so those strips are a bit larger but you can’t really tell when they’re in the ornament.

I used my paper cutter.

It’s by Fiskars and was probably purchased at Michael’s with a coupon. This thing is amazing. It has made my life SO much easier and really increased productivity/decreased frustration when crafting. Plus it meant I didn’t really have to measure a lot when cutting my strips. I just put the invitation under the guide, made sure it was straight, and cut right between words so that no words were lost.

Here is my paper cutter covered with all of the strips

2. Take your strips and wrap them around a pencil or pen. Make sure the font/prettiness is facing OUT so you can see it. I did 2 different wraps: one where the strip went entirely around itself on the pencil (so looking at the pencil the entire strip was in the same spot. Hope that makes sense)

and one where I wrapped the strip up the pencil (so the pencil was covered).

The first way just makes a little bit tighter of a spiral so I did that for areas where there weren’t words to see, just the pretty details of the invitation.

3. Pull out the metaly thing on top of the ornament and stick each spiral in. I put each spiral in after I took it off of the pencil but you could also wait until you had every spiral ready and try to control which spirals are on the bottom/outside by determining the order in which you put them into the ornament. I didn’t care that much so can’t really speak to how much control you have over this.

4. Put the top back in and you’re finished! Ours is hanging on our tree right now but I also have it out year round in a pretty bowl or vase. I really love the way it looks and it’s a great present idea!

Here is my finished product!

Yes, that is New Jersey artwork in the background. I need to frame it. It’s from 1canoe2 who is a sponsor of Young House Love so I used their discount code to order it for myself.

It says “boardwalks galore down the shore” =)

I also have some other posts in the works – I just need to take pictures of them. And I’ll add a wedding post to this list.

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Wedding post!
  • Skyline Art
  • Thumbtack balls
  • Lollipop spiders
  • Ticket box

I’d love to see some ways that you’ve preserved wedding invitations! Or any meaningful memorabilia for that matter. I am super sentimental and save EVERYTHING (oh wait – that reminds me to do a post about our ticket box! Man, I have a lot of posts to get on) so I love finding new ways to honor those items. Can’t wait to see your projects!


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