Spider Pop

I couldn’t think of a fun title for this but I will tell you that I am singing it to “Dirty Pop”. Don’t act like you don’t know!

Anyhoo. This is yet another Pinterest project. Seriously almost all of my ideas could be part of a Pinterest Challenge. I found this spider pop tutorial months ago and thought it was so cute! (Also, how cute is that blog title. House of Baby Piranha!)

We have season tickets to our college football team and have big ol tailgates every gameday (and then some). I thought this would be a perfect item to bring to our game close to Halloween and decorate the table/entertain the kids. They were easy to make, too!

What you will need:

  • pipe cleaners (I didn’t have any so I bought black but you could use any color if you already had some)
  • googly (moogly) eyes
  • lollipops (I didn’t want to make a whole bags worth of these so I bought them individually at Party City)
  1. I cut the pipe cleaners in half so I could get more use out of the pack and so the spiders had short little legs. And because the longer legs freaked me out for some reason. You could leave them whole for long legs if you are brave, though.
  2. Center the lollipop in the middle of the pipe cleaner piece and wrap the pipe cleaner around the stem.                                             
  3. Do this with four pieces of pipe cleaner (for 8 legs!) I realize these are kind of off centered. You could be more careful about it, trim the uneven ends, or do what I did and ignore it/correct for it when bending the legs.
  4. Bend all of the legs so that the lollipop sits up a little. You might have to fiddle with them a bit to make it so it is even and all of the legs touch the ground.
  5. Glue on the eyes! I used a hot glue gun.

And done! Seriously so easy. Here’s a picture of that freaky long legged one. :shudder:

And a whole bunch of them!

These would be a great project to do with kids at home or even in a classroom. Rather than a hot glue gun you could use Elmers glue. You’d just have to wait longer for it to dry and I’m not about that. I’m all about instant gratification and will sacrifice my finger pads for it!

So there’s one post off of my list of upcoming posts!

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Wedding post!
  • Skyline Art
  • Thumbtack balls
  • Lollipop spiders
  • Ticket box

I feel like I either have a bunch of ideas to post about and too little time/don’t want to go overboard OR I feel like I have nothing to say! Anyone else feel like that? How’s the Christmas shopping going? Maybe next I’ll do a Christmas Decoration post so I’m not dong that in March =) Christmas already… Is there anyone out there that doesn’t feel like this year has flown by?


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