Couch Surfing!

For anyone looking for a post about nomadic traveling, sorry for misleading you. That’s my b. Other than the fact that I can sleep almost anywhere I am probably one of the least suited of ladies to couch surf. You know how in movies or maybe in real life if you aren’t The Ugly One there’s always a girl that can just hop into bed in cute PJs and hop out in the morning looking the same? Not that girl.

Teen Girl Squad, anyone?

The actual point of this post is my new obsession: finding a couch. Our apartment came furnished with typical college dorm (I’m saying dorm. Just deal.) furniture. Think about the furniture in lounges. Fire retardant, stiff, durable to the point of being unyielding. Yeah, that’s what is in our apartment. Most of that is fine because sturdy is good. The bed was too hard so we traded it with someone else’s bed that was too soft. What, you don’t drive mattresses across college campuses on a whim? Weird.

The two places where this provided furniture is just not cutting it is the chair and couch. The chair is kind of whatever – neither of us really use it unless company is over.  I’m one of those throw-everything-in-my-arms-down-the-second-I-walk-in-the-door types. My husband comes in and puts all of his stuff away so nicely and I just dump it. So the chair is a pretty common dumping ground. That leaves us with the couch. It’s a huge issue except a tiny huge issue because I can’t even stretch out full length on it. And I’m not tall. It’s also not very comfortable. (Remember what I said about it being fire retardant?) We’ve discussed on and off about how awful it is and how nice it would be to have a new couch but it was just in passing until recently.

Two weeks ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. Anyone that’s done that before (and isn’t a weird superfreak and able to eat tortilla chips and run a marathon the same day) knows that you put in some solid couchtime. Like 3 days work and it would have been more if I didn’t have to go back to work. Our couch is so awful that I set up shop on our futon. When I say futon I hope you aren’t picturing something pretty or large or really appealing at all. It’s from my husband’s college dorm room. Some of you may have heard it termed by a less than appropriate phrase.. the “flip and f….” That last word rhymes with duck. Listen, I didn’t make that term up but I DID use it to search for the futon and what do you know, here it is on the very first hit on Google. I kid you not.

Yes, it is tiny, but those arm things snap down so it lays flat. I put down both arms and then propped up my head with pillows. My feet still hung off the end but it was better than having my feet hit the arm of our couch. But this really upped my complaining and I convinced my husband that waiting until we move out of this place (probably over a year from now) to get a couch isn’t necessary. Yes, it would probably be easier to have a new couch delivered to a new house that we won’t be leaving for many years but I just don’t know if I can handle another year of no comfy place to hang out. It’s a sad fact that my computer chair is the most comfortable place to hang out in our apartment other than the bed. And when I get into the habit of hanging out in bed I have a hard time sleeping in the bed. And then I’m grumpy.

So on to searching for a couch aka couch surfing. I want a sectional. This falls into the category of My-Parents-Never-Did-So-I-Want-To (like cable TV, fast food, and tropical vacations. [Yes, my parents are a lot healthier than I am.]) For some reason I feel like sectionals are the epitome of comfort and lounging. I am definitely a lounger. Fancy formal living rooms are not my thing. Unfortunately, sectionals are also kind of pricey. We are still a few months off from being debt free so are shackled to a hefty monthly student loan payment. But after that all of our money will be saved for a down payment so there isn’t really a “good time” to buy a couch. Obviously that means that I want it now!

This is kind of long and I have big girl work to do so later or tomorrow I’ll write a post about all of the sectionals I’ve found online, the one that I am pretty sure I want, and how it is now stalking me. Yep, being stalked by a sectional.

Tell me about your couches!


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