Couch Surfing 2.0, or how I’m being stalked by a couch

Quick summary of yesterday’s post: we need a new couch.

Visual representation: Too short. When I sit on on the couch in my leopard snuggie my feet have to sit on top of the arm. It’s really more of a loveseat.

Here is the list of places that I’ve been keeping to visit/websites that I have looked at:

And of course I’ve looked at Pinterest. A lot of these websites have great couches but most of them are out of our price range. Admittedly, our price range is pretty small for what I want… I’d like to keep it around $1,000 and a sectional is practically two couches, or at least a couch and a loveseat. So I realize that is kind of crazy. Our plan is to look around at couches and figure out if we need to a) revise our couch dreams, b) wait until we can spend more money or c) get lucky. So far we have only gone to Rooms to Go and didn’t really love anything there it. It was helpful to figure out what we like and don’t like, though.

I started out loving the couch that John & Sherry Petersik from Young House Love have.

It is Karlstad from Ikea. I love the color, I love how comfy it looks. I love how much room there is for lounging! Seriously. Number one reason for a sectional, in my mind, is for lounging. I thought it was The One. But then I showed my husband. He does not love it. I showed him approximately 100 pictures. I showed him multiple posts of people singing praises. We visited it in the store. No go… He thinks it looks too modern for our style. And you know what? I kind of agree. I think a combination of how beautiful this room is and all of the instagram photos of them curling up on the couch dazzled me. I still love it and them and the room and feel slightly dream crushed but he is right; it is not us.

By now I’ve spent hours looking around on the internet to narrow down my interests and here are some pictures of sectionals that I love:

(From L. Fish) I don’t love the corduroy fabric or the color but I like the shape and I like the more traditional style. You will also notice that it is a bit smaller than the Karlstad because it does not have a chaise lounge. I would love a chaise lounge but I think a smaller footprint as well as more versatility with layout are key right now. We have no idea what our future house will look like, afterall.

(From Bassett) This is basically perfect. I love the color, the shape, all of it. Oh but it’s over $2,000. Womp.

(From Pottery Barn) Oh hi, beautiful. Obvi this is perfect- it’s from Pottery Barn. Wait, what’s that? It starts at $2,600 ON SPECIAL?? Lol. Goodbye, my friend.

Let’s be honest, there was a lot of that kind of disappointment. I’ve probably looked at 100 couches online and the perfect ones are always buku bucks. And then the clouds parted and I saw it. Ektorp. It was there on Ikea’s website all along but I always looked at Karlstad. But then I was like, “self, if Karlstad is so reasonably priced, and most of Ikea is reasonably priced, doesn’t it make sense to see if they have other couches?” Honestly, their couch selection is pretty small – it’s basically these two styles done a whole bunch of different ways. But that doesn’t matter because look at it!

<3. Yep, I less than three it. Annnnd it is under $1000!!! Doesn’t it look so much like the Pottery Barn couch? I’m ready to go with it but since we haven’t seen a ton of couches in person we still plan on looking at a few other places to just to have something to compare it to. However, I’ve read a bunch of blogs and reviews of it and I feel like we can’t go wrong with my pal Ektorp. Plus, he’s stalking me! Seriously! I read a whole bunch of stuff about it yesterday and when I got bored of that I was not bored of the Internet so I started reading back posts of a blog I started reading recently, NiceGirlNotes. I have no idea how I got to this post about her living room sprucing but I did. And what’s that hanging out to the right of this picture of her living room?

Yuuup! I was all “it’s fate! I must have it!” and I commented and asked her how she likes it even though the post is almost a year old. I was kind of worried that she wouldn’t see the post. But then there it was again in her post from today!! I commented on that, she responded saying she loves the sectional, and it was yet another check in my “pro” column. He’s everywhere. I kind of want to get a restraining order of -1 feet. So he has to always follow me around and I can lay down whenever. That’d be weird, huh?

I know you can tell that my mind is pretty made up but I’ll still look at other couches. If anything just to reaffirm my lust. BUT (hint hint cosmos) if Ikea has a sale my hand will be forced.

Is anyone else being stalked by furniture? Do you think sectionals are bad ideas or good ideas or the best idea in the world? (I fall into the last category)


5 thoughts on “Couch Surfing 2.0, or how I’m being stalked by a couch

  1. Honestly I prefer couch + loveseat to a sectional, because I feel like sectional corners become awkward. I just like leaning against the arm of a couch sometimes and would rather have more options like that. But the lounge-ability of a sectional is nice! Hope you get your Ektorp!

  2. We have the Ektorp loveseat and it has held up really well despite 3 years of heavy use (it’s our only comfy couch). Now I’m in the same boat as you (as previously discussed) and we’re on the prowl for something we can really lounge on… a sectional is #1 in my book and personally, I’m all about the awkward corner because you can throw a bunch of pillows there and it’s this fabulous ‘curl up all afternoon and read a book’ spot. (or you can prop cushions up on end about 2 feet out from the corner on either side, throw a blanket over top, and it’s a fast and easy fort)

  3. We definitely considered (and I suppose are still considering) doing a couch/loveseat or couch/recliner option. I think an ideal world would be a sectional like Ektorp that has a recliner built in on one end but again we’re getting pricey. Emily – I really like leaning on arms (so they’re a must have) but I like the little corner area because to me it feels like an even bigger arm!

    Elizabeth- YES fort is awesome. The lounging thing is my main goal and for some reason nothing says lounging to me like a sectional. Are you going to add to the loveseat or get rid of the loveseat? Is Jackson allowed on the loveseat? (That adds a lot of wear!)

    I just read an article that said that February is a good month to buy furniture so I’m hoping Ikea might have a sale or that we find something similar on sale!

    • yup, Jackson’s allowed on the loveseat so it’s pretty much got a body on it that weighs at least 80 lbs (dog) at all hours of the day. Again, it’s held up well. It will most likely come with us wherever we go, but I really want to make a slip cover for it. We’ve got solid brown which is nice, but it shows spots easily (from food, dirty dog feet, etc).

      • Holding up to dog usage is a big plus! I like that you can get slipcovers for the couches so you don’t have to worry as much about messes and can also change up the look!

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