Peanut Butter Pinterest Challenge Time!

I know you remember that. For some reason I can’t stop saying “It’s peanut butter pinterest time” in my head. It’s weird, I know. My next Pinterest Challenge project should include peanut butter so it at least makes sense. I love how you can type “pean” into Youtube and “peanut butter jelly time” is the first suggestion.

ANYWAY. It’s Pinterest Challenge time!

Remember this post when I made my Christmas card wreath?

That post explains the Pinterest Challenge but basically it’s a challenge thought up by Katie Bower of BowerPowerBlog and was started by her and YoungHouseLove to behoove people to get out of their computer chairs and start making things they’ve pinned! I’m definitely guilty of pinning away and not making any of those pins a reality so it’s a great kick in the rear. This Pinterest Challenge is being hosted by BowerPowerBlog, YoungHouseLove, The Remodeled Life, and Decor and the Dog.

So now that all of those details are out there – time to reveal my project! Tim and I were in Asheville this weekend drinking a lot of beer and eating a lot of delicious food so I needed to choose a project that I could do in an evening after work. I have a few larger projects that I really want to do but they’ll have to wait for later. Or maybe I’ll cheat and do *most* of a project and then finish it for the next Pinterest Challenge. JK I definitely wouldn’t do that…


Here’s my pinsperation – coincidentally it’s from YHL! If you type “wedding shadow box” into Pinterest you can get a lot of really great examples. I’ve known I wanted to do this for a while so I’ve been sequestering wedding related items as I come across them with this project in mind. Now, only 1 year and 9 months after getting married, I finally did it!

First I stopped by Michael’s to get a shadowbox. They had a few good options and I debated for a while which to get. I wanted white and they had a 11″x14″ that I thought was a good size, however, I wanted one with a hinged front door rather than one that you have to remove the backing. It was much easier to stage the items at the bottom of a box rather than on a flat surface that then would need to be gently reattached. This shadow box was one of the more expensive options (originally $50) but all table top frames and shadow boxes were 40% off AND I had a 25% off coupon that worked on sale items. So I paid $22.50. Cha-ching! It is a bit more decorative and has a nice cushiony cloth backing so pins stick easily into it.

Here are a bunch of the items I gathered to add in:


I started with the pom pom because it took up so much room. For a few minutes I really wished I had gotten a larger shadow box because a good 30% of it is overtaken by the thing. It’s like kudzu! For now it’s okay but I think I could trim it if I want to put something else in there and, unlike kudzu, it wouldn’t grow back. After that I started placing the paper items in there until I liked their orientation and, more importantly, all of the good stuff was showing. I really like shadowboxes with objects rather than only paper because it gives it some dimension so I added in some extras.

I ended up leaving out the invitation due to lack of space and also because I feel like the invitation should be more focal and not overlapped or overshadowed by other items. Plus, I have a frame that has the invitation on one side and a picture on the other. It will be displayed in the house just as soon as I put a picture in the frame. Okay so I’m awful about procrastinating.

Here’s the final product! (Sorry for the not so great pictures. It’s difficult to photograph a glass box!)

If you’re interested in a run down of what the heck you’re looking at, here you go!

  1. Pom pom! Because we met during college, got married there, and incorporated our school colors into the wedding, we felt that it was only fitting to keep up the theme. I had these pom poms made for our exit from the chapel. Rather than people throwing birdseed or blowing bubbles, everyone grabbed a pom pom and shook it as we left. It was awesome!       Here they are in action. The toilet paper is another school tradition – whenever we win a game everyone meets out on the quad and toilet papers the trees. One of our groomsmen had the awesome idea to toilet paper us!
  2. Bottle of M&Ms from our rehearsal dinner that are black and yellow (gold) and have lyrics to the university fight song on it except with our names added in.
  3. Escort card
  4. It’s kind of hard to see from the picture but it’s a door hanger from our welcome bags that everyone staying at the hotel received. The hanger says “Please do not disturb, we are recovering from Timothy & Brady’s wedding”.
  5. Response card
  6. Save the Date (engagement pictures that we took…where else… but on campus)
  7. Program for our wedding. I originally had all of these plans to make layered programs and do something fancy but when it got closer to the day and I started working on them I just decided to let it go. We printed these out on nicer paper and it took SO much less time and stress. Sometimes you just gotta know when you can’t handle something! The quote on the bottom is from Winnie the Pooh and says “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”
  8. Photostrip picture!
  9. So I actually didn’t wear this necklace on the day of but I made it for the wedding and think it’s beautiful so I was happy to stick it in there. My mother in law let me borrow her pearl necklace that my sister in law also wore.
  10. Little wood people that I painted for the cardbox.
  11. Buttons from my mom’s dress that my cousin sewed onto my bouquet while we were getting ready that day. My mom’s dress (which my grandmother also wore and my great-grandmother MADE) had a billion of these buttons all down the back and I loved that my bouquet kind of mimicked that =)

Whew. Long post! I can’t wait to sit back with a glass of wine tonight and look through the many other Pinterest Challenge projects linked to the host blogs! Has anyone else used a shadowbox for a project like this? I think I want a hall of shadow boxes someday. For those of you married, do you have any special wedding related displays in your house? Please tell me I’m not the only one who is so bad at getting pictures up and framed…


Meeting Young House Love!

February stated off really great. Like: went to Disney World and rode all of the rides and went to Harry Potter World great! And got a butterbeer mustache. Yumm.

I would have been absolutely miserable about returning to NC if not for (drum roll, please)


This is from their post here and wasn’t updated so I took some creative liberty to add Charlotte. I just wanted picture representation of them coming to NC!

I left Winston at 5pm (I couldn’t leave early due having just returned from vacation) for the hour+15 minute drive to Charlotte. I knew I’d get there late but it was my only choice!

On my way!

That’s my trusty GPS named Richard (Tricky Dick when he’s being not so trusty) and my car dinner of half a hoagie from Harris Teeter!

[Sidenote: Photobucket changed their settings and I can no longer find the font I used for my watermark! Sadface.]

At one point Richard was all “the delay on your route is now 48 minutes, would you like to try a faster route?” and I freaked out. 48 minutes?! No thanks. Luckily the faster route was indeed faster and only added about 10 minutes to the ‘all things go perfectly and there is no traffic’ estimated arrival time.

I got to UNCC and didn’t have any problems finding the parking garage due to some pretty major Google Earth stalking/calling to ask where to park. At this point it was about 6:30 so I figured their speaking portion was probably over and I’d just have to get in line for signing. I was bummed but knew from the beginning that would be the case so it wasn’t a big deal.

As I walked into the student union and approached their Barnes & Noble it was eerily quiet. No lines, no crazed fans, nothin’. I knew it was the right day/time/place because I saw this little buddy

I started to feel a little panicky that it was over already. Luckily I mumbled something about a signing and someone let me know that it had moved upstairs! I got there, found the right door, and went in – I was finally there!

And the speaking was still going on! I couldn’t see the front because at that point it was standing room only and the orientation of the room was kind of wonky but I could hear them! I have to say… reading the blog you really feel like you know John and Sherry. Hearing/meeting them in person did not change that at all. They are just as fun, quirky, and up beat as the blog!

They spoke for maybe another 10 minutes and then the line for the signing began. The UNCC people running the event were really great and started the line by having rows of people stand up to get in line so people in the front rows (most likely the people that got there first) would be first in line. Obviously this meant that I would be verrryyy far in the back of the line but that’s only fair!

I stood for a while and leafed through the book some more. Then I realized that I kept leaning against the light switch and at one point almost turned off the lights. That would have been embarrassing to say the least.

After the first few rows were vacated from people who went through the signing line I sat down so I could be far away from the light switch/any potential disasters. Finally, after about an hour or so I was able to get in line! Suddenly it felt real. Also because the line formed straight in front of the table my eyes naturally fell on the table when I was facing forward and I felt like I was staring at them. I guess that’s natural but I felt like a weird, drooling, fangirl. (I mean, I am… but I didn’t mean to LOOK like one)

(Mouthbreathing guy from Hey Arnold! What’s up, 90s?)

In my nervousness I had this moment of panic where I thought, “Oh no – I didn’t bring a sharpie for them to sign with!” You know, because normally authors at book signings expect everyone to bring their own writing utensils… That makes sense (it does not make sense).

Again, I have to say how fun and approachable John and Sherry are. I saw so many people bring them gifts and they were so excited and gracious about each one and really just great people. Annnd at one point I overheard Sherry say, “I looked at the wrong hole!!” and laughed a lot to myself. Add crazy laughing to that drooling fangirl image now.

I’ll take a picture when I got home but I asked Sherry to draw New Jersey next to her name as a little shoutout to our home state. She acted all coy like she couldn’t draw and then whipped out an awesome outline. I decided to return the favor by drawing a NJ next to MY name in their yearbook thingy annnnd I definitely still owe them a favor because I kind of just drew a blob. I didn’t even bother taking a picture because it was just awful.

It was an awesome day and I’m so glad that they came close enough for me to drive to it! UNCC was a great host and they have a beautiful campus! I have a few projects from the book that I want to work on so hopefully I’ll have some more posts in the near future =)

PS. Apologies if anyone noticed that I updated this like 11 hundred times. I kept forgetting/messing up pictures. Really gotta learn to use that “Preview Changes” button to my advantage…