Meeting Young House Love!

February stated off really great. Like: went to Disney World and rode all of the rides and went to Harry Potter World great! And got a butterbeer mustache. Yumm.

I would have been absolutely miserable about returning to NC if not for (drum roll, please)


This is from their post here and wasn’t updated so I took some creative liberty to add Charlotte. I just wanted picture representation of them coming to NC!

I left Winston at 5pm (I couldn’t leave early due having just returned from vacation) for the hour+15 minute drive to Charlotte. I knew I’d get there late but it was my only choice!

On my way!

That’s my trusty GPS named Richard (Tricky Dick when he’s being not so trusty) and my car dinner of half a hoagie from Harris Teeter!

[Sidenote: Photobucket changed their settings and I can no longer find the font I used for my watermark! Sadface.]

At one point Richard was all “the delay on your route is now 48 minutes, would you like to try a faster route?” and I freaked out. 48 minutes?! No thanks. Luckily the faster route was indeed faster and only added about 10 minutes to the ‘all things go perfectly and there is no traffic’ estimated arrival time.

I got to UNCC and didn’t have any problems finding the parking garage due to some pretty major Google Earth stalking/calling to ask where to park. At this point it was about 6:30 so I figured their speaking portion was probably over and I’d just have to get in line for signing. I was bummed but knew from the beginning that would be the case so it wasn’t a big deal.

As I walked into the student union and approached their Barnes & Noble it was eerily quiet. No lines, no crazed fans, nothin’. I knew it was the right day/time/place because I saw this little buddy

I started to feel a little panicky that it was over already. Luckily I mumbled something about a signing and someone let me know that it had moved upstairs! I got there, found the right door, and went in – I was finally there!

And the speaking was still going on! I couldn’t see the front because at that point it was standing room only and the orientation of the room was kind of wonky but I could hear them! I have to say… reading the blog you really feel like you know John and Sherry. Hearing/meeting them in person did not change that at all. They are just as fun, quirky, and up beat as the blog!

They spoke for maybe another 10 minutes and then the line for the signing began. The UNCC people running the event were really great and started the line by having rows of people stand up to get in line so people in the front rows (most likely the people that got there first) would be first in line. Obviously this meant that I would be verrryyy far in the back of the line but that’s only fair!

I stood for a while and leafed through the book some more. Then I realized that I kept leaning against the light switch and at one point almost turned off the lights. That would have been embarrassing to say the least.

After the first few rows were vacated from people who went through the signing line I sat down so I could be far away from the light switch/any potential disasters. Finally, after about an hour or so I was able to get in line! Suddenly it felt real. Also because the line formed straight in front of the table my eyes naturally fell on the table when I was facing forward and I felt like I was staring at them. I guess that’s natural but I felt like a weird, drooling, fangirl. (I mean, I am… but I didn’t mean to LOOK like one)

(Mouthbreathing guy from Hey Arnold! What’s up, 90s?)

In my nervousness I had this moment of panic where I thought, “Oh no – I didn’t bring a sharpie for them to sign with!” You know, because normally authors at book signings expect everyone to bring their own writing utensils… That makes sense (it does not make sense).

Again, I have to say how fun and approachable John and Sherry are. I saw so many people bring them gifts and they were so excited and gracious about each one and really just great people. Annnd at one point I overheard Sherry say, “I looked at the wrong hole!!” and laughed a lot to myself. Add crazy laughing to that drooling fangirl image now.

I’ll take a picture when I got home but I asked Sherry to draw New Jersey next to her name as a little shoutout to our home state. She acted all coy like she couldn’t draw and then whipped out an awesome outline. I decided to return the favor by drawing a NJ next to MY name in their yearbook thingy annnnd I definitely still owe them a favor because I kind of just drew a blob. I didn’t even bother taking a picture because it was just awful.

It was an awesome day and I’m so glad that they came close enough for me to drive to it! UNCC was a great host and they have a beautiful campus! I have a few projects from the book that I want to work on so hopefully I’ll have some more posts in the near future =)

PS. Apologies if anyone noticed that I updated this like 11 hundred times. I kept forgetting/messing up pictures. Really gotta learn to use that “Preview Changes” button to my advantage…


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