Spring is Here! (Or so it says)

It doesn’t feel very spring like outside. Actually, last night the low temperature tied the record low recorded at the airport nearby. 22 degrees probably doesn’t seem very cold or abnormal to some parts of the country but in North Carolina it is!

Either way, it is technically spring and my husband’s family is in town this weekend so I did a little spring decorating! Well I guess I mainly just filled a vase with plastic eggs but I did make a spring wreath!


[I really need a nice camera. And picture editing software…]

I really like the way it turned out! And I only spent ~$3! I used materials that I already had except for the foam wreath which I bought at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon.


Sometimes I get wreaths that are white, sometimes they’re green. I haven’t noticed a difference. I’ve also used straw wreaths but I prefer the smoothness of the foam wreaths and knew I would be using push pins for this project.

I used a shirt that got a stain on it. IMG_1722

I’m really sad because I love the shirt but I have no idea what happened. It looks like coffee but it’s in the armpit. How does that happen? Maybe it’s like the colored pit stains I had after The Color Run?

color run

I saved the shirt for a later project and when I was looking through my scraps for this wreath I thought it was a great spring color. I cut it in to strips, glued one end of a strip to the wreath, wrapped it around, and then glued the other end. I wasn’t too worried about the strips being the same width because they overlap. They were all between 1″ and 2″ though. I wanted the front of the wreath to look somewhat uniform so I made sure that all of the gluing was done on one side so I could make that side the back and hide the hot glue.

Glue one end:



Wrap the strip around the wreath:


Glue the other end on the same side (the side not pictured):


Continue all the way around until the whole wreath is covered:


After this I got in the zone and stopped taking pictures. Sorry! Definitely something I need to get better about.

I wanted to add felt flowers but not roses. I wish I had a better way of doing these because it took some trial and error but I basically cut out spirals of felt and then mushed (technical term) it until it looked like I wanted. And then I pinned it to the flower. Rinse and repeat until it is full to your liking or you’re tired of cutting out felt. Either one.

Here’s a (blurry) picture of a mushed up felt spiral that I pinned on


It really was a mixture of mushing, twisting, and folding.

Here it is with all of the flowers pinned on! I used pins that have a little yellow top. I have multiple colors but thought the yellow, white, and orangey coral were a nice combination.


It was pretty this way but I wanted this thing to scream spring! So I made a banner. And this is the step where I took zero progress pictures. I used yellow scrap paper that I had on hand and cut out triangles. I then laid them out in an alternating pattern and used a sharpie to write “Spring has sprung”. I was going to try to print or trace a fancy font but sometimes I just start working and don’t want to stop the flow so I grabbed a sharpie and went for it. I don’t think it turned out so bad! Plus I’m sure trying to print would have taken a lot of time and cause some frustration (understatement of the decade). My printer is from 2005 but it acts like it’s from 1905.

After I had all of the pennants written I taped them to yellow yarn, played around with each string of letters on the wreath until I liked their placement and they were readable, and then hot glued the ends of the yard.

Finally, I used a white bow to hang it a bit lower than the existing hook on the wall and also to hide the hook a little bit. And voila!


I’ll try to remember to take a full wall shot later tonight!

I really hope we get some good weather coming our way! Don’t make my wreath a lie, spring! What are some of your “good weather” plans?


4 thoughts on “Spring is Here! (Or so it says)

  1. I love that! I see lots of non-Christmas wreaths but sometimes I still get a winter-holiday vibe from them. No mistaking that’s a spring wreath. And great use of the shirt as scrap material.

    • Yeah! I feel like wreaths are very Christmas-ey too but they’re so easy so I definitely want to start using them for year round! A birthday wreath would be really cute. It could have the new age in the middle each year!

  2. It definitely feels like spring here in KY! I am totally loving this weather 🙂

    Lol! I love your sense of humor. Coffee stain 😉

    Have a great week!

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