Pinterest Challenge – DIY Capiz Chandelier. AKA DIY Nightmare Project!

Confession: this project was a long, long time in the making. And I’m not even totally finished yet. That kind of makes me want to ugly cry. I started this thing long enough ago that I had time to LOSE the faux capiz pieces I cut out. Okay fine, it doesn’t really take me all that long to lose stuff but made those circles months ago. Possibly in 2012.

Luckily, getting off of your patootie is what the Pinterest Challenge is all about! (I’m paraphrasing) You can see my past Pinterest Challenges here and here. This Pinterest Challenge is being hosted by Young House LoveBower Power Blog, Sparkle Meets Pop, and Red Bird Blue.  Here are my pinspirations:



And here is my semi-finished version:

Capiz Chandelier |

I started off the same way that both Freshly Picked and Classy Clutter did: ironing 3 sheets of wax paper together. This is one of the steps that I did months ago. I also used the same method of putting parchment paper on the top and bottom of the 3 sheets of wax paper in order to protect my ironing board as well as my iron from any wax. I used a low heat setting to do the ironing.

The next part is where the frustration began. I bought a 2.5″ hole punch from Hobby Lobby. It was exactly like the one used by Classy Clutter. I then cut the wax paper in to strips to make it more manageable rather than having huge sheets of it. Following the tip from Classy Clutter, I stacked 4 strips on top of each other and got to punchin’. Or I tried to. After just a few punches my hole puncher jammed and started destroying everything in its path. Including my patience. Basically when I pushed down on the hole punch it would get jammed shut but not make a clean punch so when I pried it apart the wax paper just looked like I tried to punch a hole through it with my fist. Not cute.

I returned that hole punch and bought another one at Michael’s. It was a different brand so I hoped it wouldn’t have the same problem. It lasted maybe 10 punches longer than the first one annnnd happened again. I’m lucky I don’t have a hole punch sized hole in the wall or window.

I finally ended up buying this:

It’s a Fiskar’s circle cutter and is infinity times better. It can also make many different sizes of circles. The ruler in the middle slides back and forth to indicate the radius of the circles you’re cutting and at the end of the ruler is a tiny blade that you spin around to cut out the circle. I paper clipped multiple strips together so that the wax paper wouldn’t slide around and I could cut out more than one circle at a time.

Once all of the circles were cut out (I didn’t count how many I have but I’d say close to 500) I stuck them in a ziplock bag and forgot about them for a while. I needed to detox from the circle cutting experience.

Then I didn’t think about this project for a long time until it was Tuesday night and I hadn’t had time to work on a Pinterest Challenge project! Once I located the bag of circles again I moved on to the next step.

This part was easy: sewing the circles in to chains. I sewed them all in to one big chain and went back and cut them apart later. It was much easier than sewing individual chains! Make sure that you leave some space between each circle so that you can cut them apart. It also gives the chandelier some movement. I accidentally sewed a few circles together when I got overzealous about feeding them through and those circles don’t move around or flutter like the others.

Capiz Chandelier |

Capiz Chandelier | Capiz Chandelier |

Well, it was easy until this happened:

I ran out of white string. Amateur sewer alert! I only had this many circles left, too:


I cut the long chain apart after every 8th circle. Because I was using an old planter that is a half globe shape, rather than a tiered lamp shade as I’ve seen used before, I didn’t cut different lengths. The slope of the globe provides some natural differentiation of the lengths rather than having to cut them myself.

Capiz Chandelier |

Do you like my extremely sophisticated way of holding the planter while I strung on the circles? I couldn’t figure out a better way so I propped my feet up and used my legs to hold it! Don’t judge my pajama wear, either. By this point it was 10pm!

The reason this project is semi finished is a) because of the last few circles that I need to sew together still and b) I need to spray paint this planter white! I have the spray paint and everything but it’s been monsooning every day this week and I don’t have any in door space in which I can spray paint without spray painting the floor and/or causing bodily harm due to fumes.

After stringing a few on and holding it up, I felt like 8 circles actually made it too long. So I ended up doubling them over. I like the look better and it means I don’t actually have to glue or tape anything – the strings of circles will stay on by themselves! High five to less work.

Capiz Chandelier |

Once they were all strung on I tied it to the ceiling fan to get an idea of what it looks like. Yep, I ghetto rigged the thing. I didn’t hang it up anywhere since it isn’t finished. And, minor detail, since I realized that I don’t actually have many lights that it will work on. Remember that part about me living in a residence hall? That means most of the lights are the long, rectangular, florescent lights. Oops. Looks like this sucker will just be ceiling candy until further notice. Anyway, I really wish I had a completely finished project to show everyone but I’ll update when I get there!

Capiz Chandelier |

Capiz Chandelier |

Capiz Chandelier |

Have you ever started a project and completely lost steam until months later? What’s your favorite knock-off/copy cat project? I’ve been getting better about taking pictures of things that I think I can re-create later when I see them in the store. Hopefully the next project isn’t such a pain in the behind!