Hi everyone! I’m a 25 year old DINK (dual income, no kids…YET) living in North Carolina. I’m using this blog to chronicle the journey of decorating, living, crafting, and all things DIY. For now, those things are happening in a very small apartment on a college campus.

Although my husband and I have lived in North Carolina since starting college in 2005, we both went to high school in the northeast and our parents still live there. I grew up in South Jersey and love all things Jersey – the shore, Philly, cheese steaks, water ice, etc. I even like a good animal print in moderation. We love our adopted home state of NC though and have no plans to leave anytime soon. I am working on some goals for this blog that I hope to stick to but my ultimate goal is to be blogging about a house, a house that we own, by the end of 2014! I hope you will check back for new posts about crafts, life, and the adventures of a tight squeeze.



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